Dec 20 2019

Why Rincon Real Estate?

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Rincon, Puerto Rico is a unique town. It has a perfect blend of locals and North Americans that has evolved organically into a special community that could not be planned. Surfing was the reason people started to come to this town, making the trip from San Juan, in the 70’s which then was a long trip on a small road. Of course, now, there is an Autopista for most of the travel and the ride is much smoother and faster, or you could fly into the airport in Aguadilla (BQN), just 30 minutes from Rincon.

Over the years, the surfing enthusiast built a strong base of tourist related businesses which has now evolved into more healthy living businesses such as yoga, organic dining, spin classes, etc. Of course you can find all of these things throughout the island, but they are more concentrated in Rincon.

Airbnb has increased Rincon’s ability to serve these tourists, for better or worse, the influx of Airbnb properties in Rincon has risen steadily to the point where Rincon has the highest concentration of Airbnbs on the island.

Along with the increased tourist beds have come more restaurants, and like most places, bad restaurants won’t survive in a crowded market, so Rincon has some of the best on the island.

But beyond the tourists, the local community has a thriving art and music scene, beautiful places tend to attract artists and Rincon is no exception, the weekly art walk and small galleries throughout the town provided unique experiences for artists and lover’s of art.

This decades long mixture of locals so proud of their island and town, willing to embrace outside influences and the travelers who have moved, vacationed and settled here has created a vibrant and strong community with a strong voice and leaders who will have a say in how this town grows, just the type of place most people say they want to be a part of….

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